Jenny Kinley

Writer, Artist

I'm an Ohio girl- I love it here. Grew up in a small town (Fostoria) with three sisters, a cat, and awesome parents. (Thanks, Mom & Dad.) Now I'm just west of Cleveland in a lovely city (Rocky River) with my husband and four children. So that explains all the pictures and stories about O-H-I-O!

Likes & Loves: 
- lemonade, coffee, peanut butter & banana toast, tasty salads
- all the seasons, but summertime most of all, and I wish winters here were just a bit shorter
- music and dancing (all kinds)
- sports and competition, esp. soccer and wrestling, and college football
- Lake Erie, the beach, swimming, Bay Point, Marblehead Peninsula!
- art and painting- I should mention my husband Shaun is an awesome painter
- bird watching (a.k.a. ornithology, my daughter Ellise and I can identify most of the birds near us)

Other things:
- Speaking of birds, I am a Night Owl, not a morning person
- Regarding music and dancing... I should learn some new moves. (But believe me, 15 years ago I rocked it!)
- Crooked nose, crooked teeth. But you know, we all have our "things" and flaws :-) 

Some Jobs & Experiences (In addition to WRITING):
- Babysitting, coaching, restaurants (Babysitting is where the $$ is)
- Graduated college from Baldwin-Wallace with a Bachelor of Arts degree
- Interned at the juvenile detention facility in Cleveland, and almost became a probation officer
- 15 years in business and human resources- hiring people, pay & benefits, taking care of workers
- Currently run a fine art studio & gallery and publish art (Kinley Studio)
- Taking care of our family and home has been the most challenging work of all! (Mom made it look easy.)

I love to write stories for middle grade especially. Realistic characters and dialogue, history & mystery, a little bit of humor and something to laugh at. Art reflects life, and let's be honest, there can be parts of life that aren't so nice. (Right? And sometimes just bad.) I write to reflect all of life's lights and darks in a way that still creates a beautiful picture overall. With hope. Cause we all need some.

All in all, I LOVE stories, reading, writing, and sharing LIFE with others.

Hope all is well with you. Take care!

- Jenny